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It’s Time To Schedule Those Back-to-school Eye Exams!

“But it’s only the beginning of July!” we hear you saying. Very true, but while this means half of summer is still to come, it means that half of summer is gone, too. Also? We book up fast.

We’ve talked before about all those studies saying that kids who can’t see well don’t learn well, and we’d hate to think this would affect any of our patients. So, along with the school supply list, the new backpack and lunchbox, and the sports physical, remember to schedule an eye exam for your kiddos as well.

It also doesn’t matter what age your kids are – we’ve seen teenagers who come in not knowing they’re not seeing as well as their peers. Doctors recommend yearly eye-exams, and the beginning of the school year is a perfect time to do it. Our great frame selection will have the perfect glasses to pull together a back-to-school look, and for those considering moving up to contacts, we’re here to help with fittings and care instructions.

Give us a call or book an appointment online, and we’ll get you and yours ready to face another school year, even if it is only July.