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We provide a variety of options to supplement your vision needs. There are many new eye-related products on the market and we think you’ll enjoy the effects and benefits.


Leading the list is a familiar product, Latisse, for eyelash growth and thickness. The basic type of drug in Latisse is a prostaglandin, utilized initially for the treatment of glaucoma. As people noted the growth of their lashes while on the glaucoma medication, manufacturers commercialized the product for women to use as an eyelash enhancer. This product is now available in generic form. One potential side effect is the darkening of the skink of the eyelids. Latisse is a prescription item.


A new cosmetic entry is Upneeq. This product helps raise the upper lids in many cases and prolongs the need for cosmetic lid surgery. It can also be beneficial if one eyelid droops more than the other. Upneeq causes contraction of the muscles controlling the eyelids which can be helpful in acquired blepharoptosis in adults. Some contraindications may be cardiovascular disease and dry eye, as well as anyone with a sudden onset of a drooping lid. Upneeq is a prescription item. Samples are available in our office to determine effectiveness before writing a prescription.


Lumify is a new product that in many cases will whiten your eyes without long-term negative side effects. Used once daily this drop can be quite effective. Please note that the reason for your red eyes must first be determined by your doctor. If the redness is caused by dryness, allergies, or an infection these problems must be properly diagnosed and treated. Lumify is a non-prescription item available over the counter.


The latest alternative for dry eyes is Tyrvaya. Tyrvaya is a nasal spray that stimulates the branch of the trigeminal nerve, that facilitates the production of all three layers of the tear film. Side effects may be sneezing, coughing, and throat or noses irritation. Tyrvaya is a prescription item that has worked well for many patients in our office. Identifying the cause of a dry eye through an examination and case history is necessary to determine if Tyrvaya may be helpful to you.


Dry eye and contact lens comfort formula with 9 protective ingredients for rapid relief.

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Ocular/macular health formula with dietary Zeaxanthin, Lutein, and other essential ingredients.

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Macular health formula containing all natural dietary Zeaxanthin and Lutein.

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