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Eyes On Vacation: A Packing List

Summer is almost officially upon us. School is drawing to a close, pools are getting ready to open and the weather…well, the weather’s been ready for summer for about two weeks now. (Seriously, where was spring?!)

Many people, some of us included, use these warmer, lazier summer months to vacation. And what does every great vacation need? A great vacation packing list! So, while you’re packing your swimming suits and hiking boots, remember the following for your eyes as well:

  1. Glasses, if you wear them. No one wants to view a blurry ocean sunset.
  2. Glasses cleaner and a cleaning cloth. Because the sunset shouldn’t be smudgy and covered in fingerprints either. Also, a case because you don’t want to be shoving them in your bag and getting the lenses all scratched. We did that once, and our optometrists have never let us hear the end of it.
  3. Contacts. (See above.)
  4. Contact solution and case. (No one wants dry, or worse, infected eyes on vacation.)
  5. Sunglasses. You cannot marvel at the glories of the Rockies if you’re squinting. (And a case for these, too. You’re not an animal.)
  6. If you’re prone to dry eye or happen to be traveling to an area that’s drier than your usual climate, a bottle of artificial tears isn’t a bad idea. You want your eyes to be comfortable when you’re flagging down a server for your second piña colada.
  7. This is a big different, but if you’re going to be doing any snorkeling or scuba diving, it is possible for us to help you out with prescription goggles, if you’re not a habitual contacts wearer. The fish and coral are a lot more interesting if you can see them clearly.

We hope all of your travels are safe and enjoyable, and if you need to stock up on any of the items we mentioned above, just give us a shout. Happy summer!