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Have You Considered Eye Donation?

Did you know that you can donate eyes just like you donate other organs? Not usually the entire eye, but corneal transplants are fairly common, and the sclera and other parts of the eye can also be used. In fact, one eye donation could help two or more people.

There are many reasons to consider making arrangements for your organs to be donated after your death*. You can’t take the organs with you, and there’s so much good that can be done for those still living. However, we’re not here to lecture you or get into a debate about the pros and cons of organ donation. If you are considering donating or have already determined to do so, you may have some questions about donating your eyes, so we put together a list of helpful resources for you:

  • The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics has a great FAQ page about eye donation.
  • The Eye-Bank of New York has great information about the donation process, volunteer and donation opportunities, and information for doctors and medical professionals.
  • UMPC Healthbeat has an article that goes into some detail about the process of corneal transplantation.
  • Eye Bank Association of America has pages for both donor and recipient stories as well as statistics about both sides of the donation equation.

If you have any further questions about eye donation, we’re happy to discuss criteria and processes with you. Just give us a call or ask your optometrist at your next appointment.