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t’s National Compliment Day!

January 24 is national compliment day! We hope you’ve celebrated by extending warm, fuzzy vibes to those around you, and we hope that they’ve done the same for you.

You know what is almost guaranteed to garner compliments? (Not that you’re fishing. We know you’re centered and confident and don’t rely on others to prop up your self-esteem, but still…) A new pair of glasses.

Changing up your look is an almost sure-fire way to get noticed, and updated frames will have everyone saying, “Love your glasses! You look great!”

Need chunky, plastic frames for a trend-setting look? We’ve got you covered. How about a pair of the oversized, metal frames that are popular again? Our optical has those, too. Sleek and stylish frames that say take me seriously professionally? Yep, you can find those at HBRS.

We’ve also got sunglasses that will get you complimented at the seaside, readers that will receive attention at the library and sports glasses that’ll keep your eyes on the ball, causing people to compliment your focus and athleticism.

So, next time you receive a well-deserved compliment on your fantastic taste in eyewear, we hope you can respond,

“Thanks! I got them at Drs. Hawks, Besler, Rogers and Stoppel.”