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Please Don’t Skip Your Lasik Post-op Exams!

Look, we know you’ve just seen a doctor … a lot. And we get that you may be thinking, I just saw an ophthalmologist, why do I need to see my optometrist, too? But here’s the thing, skipping your LASIK post-operation appointment means more than just our disappointment that we don’t get to see your pretty face. There can be real, long-lasting consequences to your vision and overall health.

First, your post-op exams are already covered by the initial fee charged for the operation. It’s a service you’ve already paid for – all you pragmatists out there, skipping these follow-ups is like throwing away money.

So, if your optometrist isn’t just trying to get another exam fee out of you (which, for the record, we never do), why does he/she want to see you?

During each exam – which should occur one day, one week, one month, three months and six months after your operation – your OD will check for a number of things, including:

  • Proper healing of the operation site
  • Signs of infection (risk of infection drops dramatically one-week post-op)
  • Controlled inflammation
  • Vision is meeting intended target

If you skip these exams, you risk not detecting infection, inflammation or dryness of the eye early, and the longer you wait, the worse the consequences.

Once your vision is corrected, it’s still important to continue seeing your optometrist for yearly eye exams. As part of the natural aging process, your vision is going to change, even after LASIK, and re-treatments with an ophthalmologist or corrective eyewear may still be necessary for driving or reading.

In a blog post on, Dr. Bruce Neil, O.D., wrote, “Visiting your optometrist once a year provides a baseline against which to measure potential vision changes and the progression of eye conditions or other medical problems. It makes a significant difference in your vision, your health and your quality of life.”

We love our patients, and we want their vision to be the best it can be long-term, so please, please, please come see us after you’ve had LASIK surgery. Your eyes will thank you!

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