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Posted on 12-28-2016

Make Seeing Your Optometrist a Resolution in 2017


Last year, Americans were apparently really embracing that whole YOLO* trend.  In a survey of 5,000 US residents conducted near New Year’s Eve 2016, 45.7% of all respondents choose “Enjoy life to the fullest” as their top resolution for the new year.  Other popular resolutions were: 

  • Live a healthier lifestyle: 41.1%
  • Lose weight: 39.6%
  • Spend more time with family and friends: 33.2%
  • Save more, spend less: 30.1%
  • Pay down debt: 27.5%

Other interesting takeaways from the study included that 55% of those who participated felt that focusing on one resolution for the year was enough, and more than half of Americans were interested in setting some sort of money goal for the year.  Women were more focused than men on living life to the fullest, but they were also more interested in losing weight.  (Clearly, some people’s fullest lives do not include lots of ice cream and french fries…)  Meanwhile, so called “millennials” and “Gen Xers” were more focused on spending less and saving more and paying down debt, respectively.  

The study even broke down popular resolution by state!  Kansans chose “Live a healthier lifestyle” more than any other resolution, along with our neighbor the south Oklahoma, while our neighbors to the east and west, Missouri and Colorado, chose “Enjoy life to the fullest” as their most popular 2016 goals.  To the north, Nebraska seemed unable to make up its mind, and there was a three-way-tie between “Enjoy life to the fullest”, “Life a healthier lifestyle”, and “Lose weight.”  

This is all just a prelude to us saying, if you haven’t done so already, you should make scheduling an appointment with your optometrist a resolution in 2017.  After all, without your eyesight, you can’t see all the amazing things as your live your life to the fullest.  You can’t see how great you look when you’ve taken on that healthier lifestyle and lost all that weight.  You won’t be able see the black rising and the red falling in your back account as you save more money and pay down your debt, and you won’t be able to see how happy spending more time with you is making all of your family and friends.  Clearly, the health of your eyes, and by extension that appointment with your optometrist is the key to achieving all of your goals!

Or, it’s just a good way to start off your year, knowing that you’re doing one thing to benefit your health.  Give us a call or click here —set something up.  You’ll feel better about the new year when you do.  

*YOLO:  You Only Live Once

Source: Huffingtonpost.com 

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